Strategy b

Divide rhythms into four quadrants; left hand, left foot, right hand, and right foot. The combination of all four limbs determine the complexity of the resulting whole pattern.

This strategy is very similar STRATEGY A with its use of gearing but extends things further by combining larger quantities of gears spread among all four limbs instead of a distinct left and right side. This variation usually results in a more chaotic overall structural appearance but aurally produces an impression of order; especially when small gears are used in the mix.


The above clip is an example of this technique. The left foot kick pattern is created by the superposition of three gears. This set consists of a three, five, and seven tooth gear. Blending these together, the left foot is left with a 105 beat part (3 x 5 x 7) to contend with. In contrast to the left foot, the left hand is assigned a count of four. This gives the left side of the drummer the responsibility of a 210 beat rhythm to maintain because the added multiplier of four demands the 105 beat part to play twice through to for a complete cycle. On the other side of the kit, the right foot uses a 21 tooth gear and the right hand uses 15 tooth gear. The combine 21 and 15 tooth gears create a 315 beat cycle; however, this combination actually creates 3 repeatable identical 105 beat cycles and thus matches nicely with left foot 105 count